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Episcopal Church

                                                            It Really Is All About Love!

Welcome to Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

A Place of Welcome, Openness, and Love

At Saint Luke’s, we believe in living the way of Christ, which is the way of love. Our red doors are wide open, and our hearts even wider. Whether you’re a longtime member or a first-time visitor, you’re part of our family.

What Makes Us Unique:

  1. Welcome: Step inside, and you’ll feel the embrace of our community. We greet each other with smiles, share stories, and celebrate life’s joys and sorrows together.
  2. Openness: We welcome questions, doubts, and diverse perspectives. Our faith journey is a shared exploration, and everyone’s voice matters.
  3. Inviting: Join us for worship, fellowship, and service. Our Sunday services are rooted in the living tradition of the Church, as the word of God is proclaimed, and Holy Communion is shared. We strive to create a space where all can encounter God.
  4. Living the Way of Christ: We strive to follow Jesus’ example by loving God, our neighbors, and ourselves, and expressing this love by caring for each other, and reaching out beyond our walls to those who are in need of Good News, and food, and clothing.

Join Us on this Journey into the love of God, in Christ!

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Upcoming Events: 

Sunday Worship

Join us at 8:00am (no music) & 10:00 AM (with Organ and Choir) for a meaningful service that nourishes the soul.

Sunday, May 19

Sunday, May 19, One Service, w/Baptism @ 9:30am, Potluck
following service;


 Summertime Sunday Morning Worship

  • 9:30 AM: Children’s Chapel
  • 9:30 AM: Holy Eucharist with choir

Wednesday Healing Prayer:

  • 12:00 PM Rite II with anointing for the sick
  • The Centering Prayer Group meets on Wednesdays at 3:30pm in the Chapel of St. Luke’s. This group also has a Zoom Link for those who wish to attend virtually at 3:30pm.

Thursday Evening Prayer:

  • 5:00 PM w/ Mark Holst (on FB)

All services livestreamed on YouTube (Recordings posted later on Facebook) under St Luke’s Episcopal Church North Little Rock

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for visiting St. Luke’s!

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The Rev. Carey Stone, Rector

 Sermons Archive

The Rev. Carey Stone enjoys leading a church where: “It Really Is All About Love!” Jesus was asked what the most important commandments were and the first word out of his mouth was “Love!” Love God, Love One Another as we Love Ourselves. Carey is passionate about preaching, teaching, and attempting to live out this love in the community of St. Luke’s and beyond. He brings a wealth of experience to ministry, including a background in church music, counseling, and theology. Carey loves the power of the poetic word and enjoys reading and writing poetry. He loves it whenever he can combine his love of poetry and travel; and has taken two walking tours with internationally acclaimed poet, David Whyte in the English Lakes.  Most recently, Carey has become a Certified Spiritual Director and is excited to offer a Safe -Sacred and Expansive – Space for seekers to discover the active presence of God in their lives. He and his wife, Shannon, share the joy of being parents to their beloved Emily, and all three of their furry four legged friends. Please feel free to reach out to Fr. Carey for a conversation about faith, life, and St. Luke’s.

The Rev. Richard Robertson, Deacon

 Sermons Archive

Richard grew up in Texarkana, Arkansas, where he and his brother attended The First Methodist Church, Arkansas. There both he and his brother were baptized. In 1970 he moved to Little Rock to work in investments for a life insurance company. When that company was pruchsed by a Kansas company in 1985, he moved to Topeka, Kansas, to work for it.

While in Kansas he joined the Episcopal Church in September of 1985. He was active in Grace Episcopal Cathedral including completeing the four-year E.F.M. program.

Returning to Arkansas he joined St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Jacksonville. He was active in Cursilio and a similar program for prison ministry called Kairos. While at St. Stephen’s he was active in the Ministry Support Team movement encouraged and supported by then Bishop Larry Maze. On June 3, 2006, he was ordained as Deacon by Bishop Mze.

Since 2017 he has been actively involved here at St. Luke’s.


Julie Pozza, Office Manager – 501.753.4281


Victoria Harden, Interim Organist & Choirmaster




The Vestry of St. Luke’s is responsible for carrying out the mission of the church; “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.” The Vestry operates under the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Arkansas. The 12 elected lay members, along with the rector, are responsible for managing the parish. Members serve three year terms, with four members elected annually at the parish meeting. Officers include the senior warden, junior warden, clerk and treasurer. The treasurer is not an elected Vestry member. The Vestry meets monthly, excluding July/August, on the third Tuesday of the month.

Expectations for Vestry members include having a strong personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to carrying out his ministry in our community; being a member in good standing of he Episcopal Church; regular in prayer, worship, and attendance at Vestry meetings. Vestry members must be active in the life of the parish and willing to assume leadership. They must honor and be an up to date pledger of record and be committed to sacrificial financial giving to the parish. Each member is called to love God first, the mission of the church, secondly and their own personal needs lastly. Ultimately, Vestry members must be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Class of 2025

Lindsey Bennett
Debi Fricks
John Rhodes – Junior Warden
Ruby Wortham

Class of 2026

Sandy Coffey
John Reed
Robert Scoggin – Senior Warden
Frances Tice

Class of 2027

Frederick Simpson
Barbara Gullett
Nancy Crow
Becky Goins


St. Luke’s Episcopal Mission was organized on March 31, 1954 with 17 charter members. At that time, North Little Rock was the largest city in the United States without an Episcopal Church. The Bishop of Arkansas, R. Bland Mitchell, appointed The Rev. William W. Wilcox as Priest-in-Charge. Father Wilcox also served as vicar to St. Mark’s Mission, Little Rock.

The first service of St. Luke’s was held on May 3, 1954 in the American Legion Hall at 215 West 14th Street. The congregation continued to worship there until our present property was purchased in November 1954. Initial improvements to the frame house located on the site converted the structure into a chapel, two Sunday School rooms and a kitchen. The first service in this building, located high on the hill at the present site of the church, was Evening Prayer on Christmas Day, 1954.