Outreach Ministry at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Luke’s Community Outreach mission is to help our parish to reach beyond the walls of the church to serve our community. 

Our goals are to understand the needs of our community, locally and globally and to make parishioners aware of opportunities to participate in projects available locally, through the Diocese, and the National Church. On behalf of those that we have helped, thank you!  If you would like to participate in some of our outreach ministries or you have suggestions for our outreach projects, please feel free to contact Jeannie Fry (Outreach Coordinator).

Our outreach ministries at St. Luke’s:  

 1. St. Francis House (“SFH”)—SFH is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas.  It provides social services, a medical clinic and assistance for our veterans in the area.  St. Luke’s has always actively been a part of SFH and, currently, our own Dan Dennis currently serves on the Board of St. Francis House. St. Luke’s provides support to St. Francis House in the following ways: 

Vets Dinners—providing quarterly meals in our parish hall with entertainment for the vets housed at St. Francis House.  The vets consider this their “night out on the town!”  A raffle of donated items has also become a regular addition to these dinners.   

OPERATION ADOPT A VET—our parishioners answered the call this past Christmas to adopt 29 vets housed at St. Francis House. Gifts of clothing and toys were purchased, wrapped and delivered to St. Francis House shortly before Christmas.  

Bedding, Clothing & Coats for Vets—donations of clothing are always welcome.  There is a basket in the narthex of the church and in the basement of the parish hall that is used to collect clothing. Some of the mittens, hats and scarves were donated in December to St. Francis House from the “GIVING TREE” in the narthex. 



2. Family Promise Ministry—with the support of a Keller Fund grant, a St. Luke’s Endowment Fund grant, and donations of appliances, time and money, and a partnership with our neighbors, Park Hill Christian Church, we began our first year with this ministry at St. Luke’s in 2016. 

With this kind of support and a “cast of thousands” we converted a mop closet into a shower and upgraded our existing old laundry facilities in the basement of the parish hall. For once a week in each quarter of the year, our Sunday school rooms in the parish hall basement serve as “guest quarters” for families needing weekly housing.  

Volunteers from both St. Luke’s and Park Hill Christian help prepare meals, serve as hosts, serve as overnight volunteers or “shop” to serve our guest families as a part of this ministry.  Training meetings for volunteers is also available to new volunteers as we grow this ministry. 

3. Homeless Shelter MinistryThere has been an overwhelming response from parishioners to help the area homeless in what some have called “the Blue Barrel” ministry.  Weekly donations are being left by parishioners in the narthex of detergent, hand warmers, razors, band aids, small packs of aspirin and toiletries (e.g., toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hand cream, hand sanitizer, etc.), used clean pill bottles, bottled water and diapers for area homeless shelters.  These items are delivered by our own delivery team on the last Tuesday of each month to: St. Francis House, River City Ministries (in North Little Rock), Jericho Way, and Dorcas House. Also, some of the hand warmers, mittens, hats and scarves from the “GIVING TREE” in the narthex are also donated in December to these shelters.  



4. “Monster Food Drive”— St. Luke’s summer campaign for donations of canned and non-perishable foods has become part of our Vacation Bible School resulting in three area food pantries receiving the donated food, including: Park Hill Christian Church, Gardner Memorial Methodist Church, and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. 
5. Park Hill Christian Church —St. Luke’s has a history of partnering with our neighbors at Park Hill Christian in North Little Rock in the following ways:  
Food Pantry  So many people in this area depend on this for their food needs.  Parishioners donate food in a box in St. Luke’s church’s narthex and these donations are taken to the Park Hill Christian Food Pantry. 
Christmas Store / Christmas Food Baskets:  We help in November and December with Park Hill Christian’s Christmas Store and with the assembly of and distribution of food baskets.  Our church members donate used and new clothing and toys for Christmas store.  Also, mittens, hats and scarves are donated in December to the Christmas Store from a “GIVING TREE” in our narthex. 

6. Respite — St. Luke’s Respite Care is an ecumenical ministry that serves as an adult day care once a week on Thursdays in St. Luke’s parish hall from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  It began in 1984 with a $14,000 grant from the UNITED THANK OFFERING.  The program is designed to give “respite” to caregivers for the elderly and provide socialization and recreation to their loved ones.  It is an ecumenical outreach supported for 33 years by five congregations in North Little Rock: Lakewood Methodist, Park Hill Christian, Park Hill Presbyterian, and Immaculate Conception as well as St. Luke’s.  
In the past, clients have included elderly with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or those that have had strokes. The program has an “all-volunteer staff” averaging 20 volunteers and 5 clients in 2016. St. Luke’s primary role in this ministry has been to provide the facilities for this program for all 33 years of the program’s existence. The program is also supported by donations from participating churches. 


If you would like to participate in our outreach ministries or you have suggestions for our outreach projects, please feel free to contact Jeannie Fry (Outreach Coordinator).


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