Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

Acolytes: A ministry serving in the Sunday morning worship services at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. The acolyte ministry is one of assisting the clergy and lay ministers in making the service run smoothly – carrying the cross, torches, setting the Altar and performing other tasks as needed. Bill Cole leads this ministry.


Altar Guild: This is a ministry of preparing the altar for Sundays, weekdays and special occasions. Members serve on teams that are responsible for setting up and cleaning up the vessels and linens used, maintaining candles, changing frontals and performing other tasks as needed. Wanda Dunwoody and Suzzette Patterson lead this ministry.

Adult Choir:  St. Augustine teaches us:  “Those who sing pray twice!”  The Adult Choir of St. Luke’s is present at the 10:30am Sunday service and all principle holy day services throughout the liturgical year, offering at least two choral anthems each week and supporting congregational hymn and service music singing.  At the Solemn Mass of Christmas Eve and on Easter Day, and on other feast days,  the choir sings a special choral ordinary from the major repertoire of sacred music with organ or orchestral accompaniment or an ordinary of a cappella polyphony.  Periodically throughout the year the choir sings choral vespers.  The choir also offers a service of Advent Lessons and Carols each year in preparation for Christmas. 

Weekly music lists include selections from all historical periods, plainchant to modern.  Membership in the adult choir is open to all persons 14 years and older. The choir meets weekly for regular choir rehearsal in the choir room on Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9:00. Choir call for the principle service of Sunday is 9:30am in the choir room. The choir enjoys a monthly wine and nibbles social hour and potluck after the rehearsal on the first Wednesday of each month, as well as a weekly luncheon outing after the Sunday service each week as personal schedules permit. To join the adult choir, please contact our Organist/Choirmaster Rees Roberts through the church office or speak with him after a service or before a weekly choir rehearsal.


About the Organ: Built for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, North Little Rock, by Nichols & Simpson, Little Rock in 2000: 2 manuals, 20 stops, 28 ranks


Swell Organ: 16’ Gedeckt, 8’ Diapason, 8’ Chimney Flute, 8’ salicional, 8’ Voix Celeste CC, 4’ Principal, 4” Harmonic Flute, 2 2/3’ Nasard, 2’ Octavin, 1 3/5’ Tierce, II Pein Jeu, III Petit Plein Jeu, 16’ Double Trumpet, 8’ Trumpet,8’ Hautbois, 4’ Clarion, Tremolo, Sw-Gt 16’, Sw Unison Of, Sw-Sw 4’ 


Pedal Organ:  32’ Basse, 16’ Principal, 16’ Subbass, 16’ Gedeckt (SW), 8’ Octave, 8’ Bourdon, 8’ Violone (GT), 8’ Chimney Flute (SW), 5 1/3’ Quint, 4’ Super Octave, 4’ Bourdon, 16’ Trombone, 16’ Double Trumpet (SW), 8’ Tromba, 8’ Trumpet (SW), 4’ Tromba    

Great Organ: 16’ Violone, 8’ Principal,  8’ Harmonic Flute,  8’ Bourdon,  8’ Violone, 4’ Octave, 4’ Nachthorn, 2’ Super Octave, V Forniture, 8’ Tromba, 8’ Trumpet, 8’ Clarinet, Tremolo, Cymbelstern, Gt Unison off



Couplers: Gt-Sw 8’, Sw-Gt 8’, Gt-Ped 8’, Sw-Ped 4’


Moveable terraced console with manual natural keys of bone and sharps of rosewood, rosewood drawknobs and bone faces inset for engraving, and rosewood expression shoes.

Handbells: St. Luke’s offers several opportunities for bell ringers.  The principle bell choir, the St. Luke’s Chancel Ringers, meets for rehearsal Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30 in the choir room and rings anthems regularly throughout the liturgical year at the 10:30am Service and on some feast days.   The Chancel Ringers participate in a yearly Bell Festival in Central Arkansas and participate in community ecumenical music events.  To become a member of the Chancel Ringers, please contact our handbell director, Debi Fricks, through the church office or attend a regular rehearsal.   First-time bell ringers are given instruction in basic ringing techniques.  No previous music or bell ringing experience is required to join. 



Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM I) or Chalice Minister: This lay ministry licensed by the Bishop assists the priests during all Eucharistic services.  Lems may read lessons when necessary, lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People, and distribute the consecrated wine at the Eucharist. Mark Holst leads this ministry.

Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM II): A lay ministry licensed by the Bishop whose participants deliver communion directly from the Holy Eucharist at the church to those who are unable to attend the services. Mark Holst leads this ministry.

Worship Leaders: A lay ministry licensed by the Bishop to led Morning and Evening prayer. Father Carey Stone leads this ministry.

Ushers: A Sunday morning ministry whose participants greet parishioners and visitors, distribute service bulletins, facilitate Holy Communion, and orient visitors to the church. Rick Furr leads this ministry.




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