Parish Staff 

St. Luke’s staff manages the liturgical and daily operations of the parish.
Shirley Howard, Administrative Assistant
We are pleased to announce the hiring of an Administrative Assistant, Shirley Howard! Shirley is originally from Newport, Arkansas and currently resides in Cabot. She has worked in the educational field for decades, and is also an artist and  former president of the Arkansas Art Education Association. Her duties will include assisting Fr. Carey with office management, hospitality, clerical duties such as filing, data entry, keeping the parish calendar, and that infamous line found on every job description, "and all other duties as assigned." Her hours will be Mon. - Thurs. from 9am to 3pm. Shirley is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church. 

Rees Roberts, Organist & Choirmaster -
It is with great joy that I’ve accepted the call to St. Luke’s as your new Organist & Choirmaster. My roots plant me firmly in Little Rock, where I grew up, and have spent most of my life. I started out life as a Southern Baptist, and discovered not just the organ, but a love of music. I’ve been taken by it ever since. I began my piano studies with Craig Chotard, and eventually transitioned to organ with him. Unbeknownst to neither Craig nor I at the time, during those grueling hour long lessons, he was fostering a devout young Episcopalian. My work as a church musician has taken me as far as Boston and Ohio, and been as near to home as just a few blocks. I look forward to this new adventure with each of you. There are lots of exciting things, both musically and spiritually, on the horizon for St. Luke’s! Lift up your hearts!


 Gerald Warren, Sexton

Gerald joined the team as Sexton in December 2013. He is the father of four wonderful girls who he loves very much. He is a retired Freight Conductor and was a sexton at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Little Rock. We are delighted to have him aboard! 

The Vestry
The Vestry of St. Luke’s is responsible for carrying out the mission of the church; “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.” The Vestry operates under the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Arkansas. The 12 elected lay members, along with the rector, are responsible for managing the parish. Members serve three year terms, with four members elected annually at the parish meeting. Officers include the senior warden, junior warden, clerk and treasurer.  The treasurer is not an elected Vestry member. The Vestry meets monthly, excluding July/August, on the third Tuesday of the month.
Expectations for Vestry members include having a strong personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to carrying out his ministry in our community; being a member in good standing of he Episcopal Church; regular in prayer, worship, and attendance at Vestry meetings. Vestry members must be active in the life of the parish and willing to assume leadership. They must honor and be an up to date  pledger of record and be committed to sacrificial financial giving to the parish. Each member is called to love God first, the mission of the church, secondly and their own personal needs lastly. Ultimately, Vestry members must be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Billy Tarpley

Class of 2021

(Senior Warden)


Don Wood

Class of 2019

(Junior Warden)

Josh Taylor (Clerk)


Travis Heard

Class of 2019

Ginna Simmons

Class of 2019



Jerry Hodge

Class of 2019


Bobby Martinka

Class of 2020

Ron Cox

Class of 2020








Carmen Quinn

Class of 2020









Rick Pozza

Class of 2020

Curtis Briggs

Class of 2021









 Angie Waliski

Class of 2021 







Tim Reid

Class of 2021









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